Gestas You Won’t Be Seeing Those Alfombra Photos: Semana Santa (Part II)

Well, folks, the Semana Santa reenactments just got a little too real.  Looks like Dismas and Gestas (the two thieves crucified with Jesus) were out roaming the streets of Antigua and up to no good today – my camera was stolen (well, actually it was Tom’s camera, which makes me feel even worse about it), along with all the photos I took during the eight-hour long process as we created our very own alfombra in front of the Casa Herrera.

Unfortunately, this means I won’t be able to execute my blog post as planned and show the whole process of dyeing the sawdust, cutting out stencils, and actually building the carpet layer by layer.  Fortunately, however, I have a small back-up camera and several of the Study Abroad students and spectators took photos throughout the day and have offered to share them with me.

In the meantime, here are some choice examples from various processions over the past few weeks, so that you have an idea of what I mean by alfombra (in short: carpets of dyed sawdust, pine needles, flowers, and/or fruits and vegetables laid out ahead of the processions).  Ours was a little less religious (and a little shorter) but every bit as fabulous as the ones you see here, but now you’ll have to wait until I do some sharing and downloading for proof.

IMG_1924                  IMG_1943 IMG_2114

Varieties of alfombras: dyed sawdust (left; Jesus’s head isn’t there yet, but he’s calming the storm), pine needles and flowers (center), and fruits and vegetables (right; notice the loaf of bread in the shape of a crocodile at the edge of the sawdust!).
IMG_2106 IMG_2187
Indoor and outdoor alfombras.  On the left, people are waiting in line to visit Jesus Sepulcrado (entombed Jesus) in the Cathedral, while on the right the cucuruchos getting ready for their turns walk to the sides of the street to leave the carpet untouched for those carrying the anda.
And now, leaving all my valuables safely behind, I’m off to see Pontius Pilate sentence Jesus.  I’m hoping those thieves will get their due as well.

One thought on “Gestas You Won’t Be Seeing Those Alfombra Photos: Semana Santa (Part II)

  1. Sorry to hear of the camera theft. That bites for sure. You did a great job of resurrecting (pun – maybe intended) an interesting and informative post with the photos you were able to gather. The Alfrombras are pretty cool!


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