Warmest Thanks!

It’s a little chillier than normal tonight in Antigua, so I’ve had to combine some of my recent Christmas presents in unusual, albeit stylish, ways.  While I know those of you in the frigid Midwest or Northeast will have little sympathy for my complaints about a dip down into the low fifties, I like think the lack of insulation and heating in the homes down here works kind of like a wind chill factor.  Regardless, I thought you might still enjoy my fashionable Guatemalan Geisha look:


Thank goodness Santa’s little elves stuffed my stockings so well!  Thanks Jeanne and Bink!



3 thoughts on “Warmest Thanks!

  1. Santa is delighted to hear that the socks are winning in Guatemala.

    Bink Inc. 111 Huntington Avenue 28th Floor Boston, MA 02199 t: 617-830-1739 m: 617-676-8811

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